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Neptech, Inc. is proud to announce we have become a master distributor for Valtorc

Neptech, Inc. is proud to announce we have become a distributor for Valtorc International. Mike Seacord Sr, President and CEO of Neptech, Inc., continues his business model of providing his clients with the most up to date and innovative solutions to the industries needs.

Valtorc International is a major supplier in the industrial control and valve market worldwide. They have a broad product line of standard control devices to meet demanding customer requirements. Their products in this diverse market provide another example of our customer-driven, problem solving capabilities.

Our professional staff is ready to help customers with products that work best for their unique applications and quick shipment of products. Following up at any time and guaranteed applications are inherent in our legendary customer service.

Experienced sales personnel, service engineers and trained service staff are ready to troubleshoot your application in person and facilitate repairs on site if necessary.

As leaders in product design and innovation, Valtorc have implemented a Quick Ship service that, depending upon product, will guarantee shipment as quick as 24 hours. It is one more way we can save each customer time and money.

Valtorc is a USA manufacturer of ball valves, control valves, butterfly valves, v-port ball valves, v-notch ball valves and known for our untouchable valve automation process. With over 30 years experience you can trust your valve needs will be satisfied in a professional and respectable way. In addition to valves, Valtorc International also produces and services fittings, actuators, positioners, flow controllers, fire hydrants, and poultry products.

We have the products and service that deliver value to the industrial markets we serve!!!


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Flexotherm Heated Sample Line

Flexotherm™ manufactures heated sample lines specifically for use in gaseous emissions sampling. The two primary sampling industries would be engine and stack testing. Our products meet or exceed all EPA guidelines for emissions sampling. We provide precise and even heating on all our products. Flexotherm™ is also well-known for its rugged design and the ability to withstand the rigorous use in a testing environment.

    • Two-Year Limited Warranty
    • Endures Life in Test Cells
    • High-Grade Heating Elements
    • Stainless Steel Braiding
    • Zero Cold-Spot Construction
    • Innovative Re-Tube Design
    • GT Series – 200º C
    • GD Series – 125º C
    • GS Series – Customer Specific

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Neptech, Inc. & Flexotherm™ - Distributing and Manufacturing Solutions Since 1994

In 2002, Neptech Inc. began serving as a stocking distributor to the world’s leading engine testing, smoke stack testing, and environmental industries. The mission of the company began with the outlook of providing accurate, dependable, and reliable systems and components. Our expertise in providing off-the-shelf-products and cost-effective technologies allowed us to partner with customers from around the globe.

Throughout our involvement with customers it became apparent that the marketplace was underserved in the area of heated industrial products. Our ability to grow with our customers’ various industrial needs paved the way for us to design and manufacture our own brand of heated industrial products; Flexotherm™.

Flexotherm™, a product division of Neptech Inc., was originally introduced to support the engine and stack testing industries with accurate and custom equipment. To this day, Flexotherm™ heated sample and stack lines, temperature controllers, and multiplexers are utilized in test facilities around the world because they are built around the customers’ specific needs and applications. Customers choose to either include their Flexotherm™ orders through Neptech, Inc. or order heated industrial products direct from Flexotherm™.

Neptech Inc.’s close industrial relationships, coupled with the continued growth of the industrial sector, has allowed Flexotherm™ to branch out into more consumer based products - headed by our family of Heated Vinyl Blankets. We are proud to have achieved our TÜV SÜD listing for our blankets, which conforms to UL 499. It is just another step forward in providing quality products to both consumers and businesses alike.

Neptech Inc.’s engineers and production team has the ability to help design Flexotherm™ heated products from concept to production. From emission and stack testing to consumer industrial heated blankets – Neptech, Inc. and Flexotherm™ have the distribution and manufacturing capabilities to provide solutions for any job and application.