Constant Wattage Heating Cable

Constant Wattage Heating Cable

Flexotherm™ offers constant wattage heating cable for many applications. Constant Wattage Heating Cable are designed to deliver the same power output regardless of the pipe temperature. The Constant Wattage Heating Cable can be cut-to-length so you have exactly what is needed for your specific job. Due to this, a temperature control module is usually required to ensure temperature safety. Flexotherm™ is also able to offer custom configurations for those that need more precise specifications on their products.
  • 12-1000 Volts
  • Up to 425°C (797°F) withstand temperature
  • Up to 200 W/m of output
  • Reduce their output as temperature increases
  • Metallic braid or braid & fluoropolymer outer jacket options
  • Used in applications such as freeze protection of pipework, process temperature maintenance, vessel heating, etc..
  • Custom configurations available

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